Thousands of balloons – 8. April 2013 for World Wide Roma Movement

Gegen die Ausgrenzung und Isolation von Flüchtlingen in Lagern – Solidarität mit der “Break Isolation” Bewegung! Thousands of balloons – 8. April 2013 “We are European citizens with equal rights and although we are a minority in every country we are not weak or ashamed to say: STOP FORCED DEPORTATIONS and EVICTIONS, STOP RACISM, STOP DISCRIMINATION!” Am 8. April ist der internationale Tag der Roma und auch in... Read More


Roma Center Call for action day on 8th April 8th of April is the international Roma Day. 1971 on this date Roma representatives from 25 countries met for the first time in London and founded the Romani Union. On this day they also decided to replace offensive foreign appellations with our native name “Roma” (human) and agreed on a common flag, blue and green with a red wheel in the middle. Today almost everywhere Roma see themselves exposed... Read More