Remember the past – shaping the future

2015-01-09 19_51_40-Alunica Lepadatu 1.pdf - Adobe Reader Alunica Lepadatu What I have done during a workshop in Hannover, Germany
Romas all over the world are one big family. Everybody are sisters and brothers with the same blood. If one suffers, everybody feels pain. Thant’s why roma people from different countries have the same problems.
Two days ago I arrived from the seminar “Remember the past – shaping the future”, which was organized by Roma Center Gottingen e.V. There we met roma youth from five countries: Germany, Spain, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. Me and my group – we are from Moldova Republic. I was very glad that with roma problems are interested non-roma youth who attended this seminar with us. I think that roma integration is impossible without non-roma population.